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1 Month
FM Family Members save & receive Rs. 100.00+ worth of products for free.
6 Month
FM Family Members save & receive Rs. 300.00+ worth of products for free.
12 Month
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FM Membership Offers FAQ'S

How do I become an FM Member?

To be a member and enjoy the benefits, just add a membership plan to your cart. The membership will last till the duration of the plan. You can then purchase another plan before the end of your current plan to continue availing the benefits.The FM membership can be bought using Cash on Delivery option in the FM app.

Will I automatically be charged month on month?

The Fee is not recurring, which means that you don't authorize us to charge you continuously (month-on-month). If you wish to renew or extend your membership, you can do so by buying an additional membership plan by adding it to your cart.

What is the cancellation policy?

If the membership is bought for the first time, it can be cancelled during the first 15 days from plan start date (Irrespective of the validity of the membership). Secondly, if you’ve bought or cancelled membership before, then you cannot cancel the current membership plan.

How do I cancel my membership and get the refund?

According to the Cancellation Policy (as mentioned above), you can choose to cancel your membershipanytime during the first 15 days of your membership period.Please contact us on +91-9677115511 and let us know and your membership will be cancelled immediately.

How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership by simply adding the same membership plan to your cart, or you may buy an additional membership plan to extend your membership.

Is the membership fee final?

Membership plans are currently offered at introductory prices and are liable to change. In case of any such change in the membership fee, you don't have to pay anything extra for your ongoing plan. However, the next time you renew your plan; it will be at the updated prices only.

Can I place an order using Cash on Delivery with this membership?

To purchase the membership plan and the products, you can use Cash on Delivery/ Card on Delivery/ Credit or Debit Cards on the FM app. Once you have purchased the membership and the products then you can pay for your order with any payment option.

Can I club FM cashback, wallet offers, bank offers, etc with my orders during this membership?

Yes, you can enjoy the various offers that are available on the FMplatform during your membership period. However, some coupons and offers might have certain restrictions. Please refer to the offer T&C.

Is the FM Membership available on the website or the app?

The membership is available on all platforms on latest versions.

Am I eligible for quicker order delivery than normal with this membership?

You may inform us via our comments box during checkout of your order for same day delivery. Our executives will call you to confirm if the order can be delivered in the slot you have requested if there is no high surge in delivery. However you will get preference while choosing your time slots for next day delivery.

What is the maximum number of orders that I can place during the membership period?

There is no limit to the number of order that you can place on the FM platform.

What is the validity of the membership?

The FM membership can be bought for a period of 1 month (30 days), 6 months (186 days) and 12 months (365 days). Membership expires at midnight on the last day of your membership period.

How do I avail Free Delivery?

Regular Customers on the FM platform get free deliveries on orders above Rs. 899. However as a Member of the FM Family, you avail free deliveries on orders above Rs. 599

How much can I save with FM Membership?

Over the period of your Membership, The 1 Month Membership Plan will enable you to save and receive products worth more than Rs. 200.00. The 6 Month Membership plan helps you save and receive products worth more than Rs. 500.00, and the 1 Year Membership Plan gets you products worth more than Rs.700.00

How do I avail the free goodies on a monthly basis?

For a minimum order of Rs. 299/- you get 1 Kg Tomato, 1 Kg Onion & 1 Kg Potato free with your membership.